We are  the Dockers family. A family of five from Aalst, Belgium. Our names are Fred, Carla, Pieterjan, Jan-Alexander and An-Sofie.

We have started this school with 2 friends from Kenya, Mramba and Saïdi.


In 2013 we went to Kenya for the first time. We met Mramba and Saïdi, 2 men who live in Kilifi, the town where the school is located. We asked them if we could visit a local school, to see what the differences were with schools in Belgium. We noticed a lot of children were just walking on the streets instead of going to school. After talking to Mrabma and Saïdi we agreed to start up a kindergarten for the local kids whose parents cannot afford school. Two months later there were already more than 80 children, that is why we decided to start a primary school. The temporary school was built on the property of Mramba.


For the moment there are about 250 pupils in our school. These pupils are being taught by ten licensed teachers. 20 pupils per teacher is quite a lot of course and the class rooms are rather small to offer decent education. That is why, in 2015, we purchased a plot of land to start the construction of a proper, brick school.

Since April 2016 we are a non-profit organisation. This means we work a bit more officially but also that we are one step closer to building a real school and offering decent education.

Everything we do in the school is in cooperation with the local community. We work with Kenyan tailors and shoemakers instead of European ones for example. These artisans are often parents of the children in our school. By working this way, the parents can earn some money to let their children go to school.