In Kenya, children who are wearing a uniform get priority in hospitals if necessary. That is why the pupils of the Seahorse Dockers School also have one. However, most parents are not able to afford a uniform for their children, that is why we decided to pay these for them. A uniform costs merely five euro.

If you feel like supporting one or more pupils by financing a uniform and therefore giving them medical priority you can deposit the desired amount on this bank account 

BE38 6529 5969 7672


Most of the parents do not earn enough to buy decent shoes for their children. Most children run around barefoot or with worn out shoes. The soil in Kenya is inhabited by a variety of bugs. These bugs cause wounds and infections on the children's feet. Treating these wounds is way more expensive than buying shoes to protect the children. A pair of shoes only costs five euros.

If you would like to donate some money to buy one or more pairs of shoes you can deposit the desired amount on this bank account:

BE38 6529 5969 7672

This means that for only ten euros you can protect a child from any harm and make sure he or she gets the medical help if necessary.


There are also a number of people who put aside a small amount of money every week, month or year to support the school. These may be small amount but every little bit helps to get where we want to go. So we are very grateful to see how generous these people are.

We often receive the question if it is possible to support one or two children. Our answer to this questions is always 'no'. We do understand that it feels more personal if you are able to support one child or one family but our vision is a little bit different. We want to help every child the same way because in our school everyone is equal

Do you want to support the school by financing school materials, computers, uniforms, shoes, construction material or anything else you are of course welcome to do so. If so, don't twice and just send an e-mail via our contact page on the website. By doing this we can make the necessary agreements.