Our story

Under the mango tree

We are a family from Aalst, Belgium.

In 2013, we travelled to Kenya for the first time. There we met Mramba and Saïdi, two men who live and work in Kilifi.

They showed us the local schools. Although there were already some schools, we noticed that many children were walking on the streets during the day and did not go to school.

Together with Mramba and Saïdi, we decided to set up a shelter so that these children would no longer wander aimlessly. However, there was no infrastructure in place yet, so the children were accommodated under a mango tree on Mramba's piece of land.

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Many hands make light work

Together with some locals, we are building a new school. In the meantime, the pupils follow lessons in provisional classrooms. Going to school gives the children chances for a good future.

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To build a future, the home situation is very important. Many families in Kilifi suffer from poverty. That is why we work together with the parents, so that they have an income, which they can invest in their children.

To realise the school we work with local craftsmen, so that the people of the community also have an income. We try to raise money through sponsors.